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Good day to all,
I write in my mother tongue - apologies but my Dutch will take a bit more work - to let off steam about how furious I am with my Tele2 KPN service. Any suggestions about a more appropriate forum to post such a complaint with?

I have been with them 2 years and have given up - resigned the contract last month. They assured me that i would have a reliable service on the day that I resigned the contract til the end of the contract, next week, but there has been no improvement. Here are the problems:
- land line , which I use for profession and private purposes, cuts in the middle of phone calls, which means I have to use the mobile and this costs me a packet!!
- this happens on NUMEROUS occasions every week (!!)
- constant cuts on an hourly and daily basis of the Internet connextion
- I have to pay to phone them up on their landline to discuss the problems- it takes at least 10 minutes for a reply - this morning I spent over 20 minutes waiting to speak to someone
- and of course, because the landline cuts, the cost of phoning them is all the more expensive because I am phoning from my mobile
- their services keep telling me it is my telephone but I replaced that (at costs of course) and they always seem to resolve the problem (only temproraril, of course) after my phone calls to complain
- when you ring their services you introduce your telephone number and you answer the list of question about what your query is about, but then they always ask you to tell them all this information again, compounding the timing and cost problems
- you can`t trust them: even when they promise that you`ll have a reliable service it is precisley the same problems that come back the next day.

I feel cheated! These people are simply dishonest. Tele2 KPN is bad joke and anyone thinking about signing up should be prepared for plenty more bad jokes...

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Guest webservicetele2

Geachte Tele2 klant

Stuurt u mij alstublieft een email met uw mobiele nummer en klantgegevens. Ik ben een medewerker van
Tele2 en kan voor u kijken wat er aan de hand is. Mijn email adres is: webservice@tele2.nl

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Alex Weijer
Tele2 webservice

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